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Boring day

June 27th, 2006 at 03:18 pm

Hi everyone wanted to say thanks for the birthday wishes.It warmed my heart.
Today was myday to be on the road. the kids have dance.
When we moved here I signed them up for dance. We never really felt like we could aford it before.
Not long after we joined the owner sent out an email looking for investors.
To make along story short we ended up investing 1500.00.This gives my kids life long lessons.It includes most of there dues for competition & most costumes.
So on tuesdays my kids take lessons from 11:00am starting with private voice.
they get a break at 1:30
then at 2:30 dance starts it goes until 4:30 then at 5:30 they have hiphop.
An today my son started soccer.
Soccer camp was free of charge,but I did have to buy cleats,ball, & shin guard
total 22.00
Im packing now my husband wants to go out of town, back home for a few days.
We have a small cabin we go to. He is able to take off because he works so many weekends.He will probably want to stop & eat out. Nothing I can do about that but we will grill the rest of the time we are there.
The place were our cabin is has a caretaker (other cabins all around)
An he always puts up for me the water toys that are unclaimed.So I never have to buy those expensive floats.
Why does he save them for me? Because he likes me? Nope its because im the only one whos ever asked.We are such a disposable society.Makes me sick.
Im hoping to have a chance to go to walgreens they have there revlon implements 40% off & there are 2.00 coupon out there.There may even be one in there easy saver book.so many items will be free.great for a beauty basket.
the nail files are .89 and the clippers are 1.29 ( I Think)I also would like to go to consignment stores there are none were we are now.Believe it or NOT.
Im going to work on my grocery list & menu for next week.Ive got to plan better.
Anybody have any great cheap recipes that there family eats pretty often?
I really wanted tested recipes.
One of my favorite snacks for the kids is Payday cookies, one cup sugar, 1/2 cup peanutbutter and one egg.
Hey its simple.
Simple is good

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