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Grocery day

July 3rd, 2006 at 09:05 pm

Well I spent yesterday coming up with a meal plan.
Still went over my budget.
I am trying to keep my budget at
100.00 a week.Now I realize that may seem like alot.Before our move I had my grocery bill down to 75.00 a week.
But then we movrd & no pantry stock
and we are spending 150.00+ a week.
Now I would like to say were eating steak and lobster butnot even close.
I have already cut out the kids snacks etc.. and at the end of the week we are
wiped out.
But I am trying to focus on the positive.
We have a dent store here.Thats what I call them.They sell dented cans etc..
I found McCormick gravy, seasoning packets,taco seasoning, meatloaf, all different kinds for ten cents a pack.
So I was happy. They also had cereal
.99 a box, but they dont except coupons.
Heres my menu
monday- we had chef salad with fried chicken tenders
dessert bananna pudding
tuesday- hamburgers & hotdogs, corn on cob, french fries.
the hotdogs were only .50 with coupons
dessert- watermelon
wednesday- spaghetti & french bread
dessert- brownie & icecream
thursday- eggs & bacon with potatoes cut
& fried
No dessert-- let them suffer
friday- pork loin in gravy & garlic potatoes & brocoli in butter sauce
dessert- apple crisp
saturday-- chicken salad on hoagie bread&
deviled eggs
dessert canned fruit (yuck) & jello
Ok can you tell I cook alot?
Well hubby doesnt think so.
I cant spend anymore time in the kitchen unless I decide to sleep in the oven.
My grocery store has solo plates & cups
b1g1 which makes them 1.35 a piece
there was a .50 coupon in sundays paper
so doubled it makes them .35 cent which is pretty good.
My worst purchase was bananna pudding
It cost 4.50 --way to much
I had to pay .44 cent a pound for the bananas,way too much
The cheapest meal for the week is the eggs & bacon& potatoes
Eggs .68 cent for jumbo
bacon 1.79
potatoes .50
total 2.97 for meal for 6 people.
cheapest dessert brownie & icecream
Brownies .75 estimate- eggs 2- .12 cent
oil .25 cent
ice cream 2.00
total 3.12
Breakfast the kids will have
cereal or oatmeal or apples & peanut butteror cheese toast, orange juice to drink
peanut butter & jelly sandwiches
tuna fish & crackers
chicken soup & grilled cheese
mini pizza's with a can of biscuits & leftover spaghetti.
fijtas with left over chicken & cheese

It just dawned on me why Im so upset about my grocery bill.
Look at this who goes to all this trouble?
Ok actually its not trouble to me I like to no where my money goes.
But you would think, someone who studies the ads-- 3 grocery stores,1 meat market,& 1 dent store.Who plans menus
Who cuts coupons. etc.. could do better then 130.00 a week.
I have friends who never look at a sale who could beat that total--its just shameful!!
Im trying to spend 10.00 a week on pantry items(stock pile)
this week was the mixes what a find.
Last week was i stock piled the dawn detergent for the car towel for DS2
I will pair it with something from the movie ( a car or other toy) for a christmas present.
Oh now Im going into my next entry which is christmas.