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a mixer & a fridge

June 30th, 2006 at 09:49 pm

One of my best deals was a brand new
kitchenaid mixer with accessories. For guess how much? 65.00. Yep I swear they clearanced it at walmart & had lost the box it was the display model.
My probably all time best deal was on a subzero fridge. We were at a small country auction.I saw thw fridge it had ugly eighty style wood cabinet doors that looked like pyramids with the points of the pyramids sticking up.But I knew what it was.I told hubby get me that fridge,He went on about how we didnt need a fridge.But I stood my ground.WE got the fride for 150.00 .
because no one else bid on it.We put it up 6 months later we remodeled a kitchen
& we had the cabinet maker tear off the old cabinets & replace them with ones to match our cabinets. That cost 200.00
It was beautiful, I kid you not.An when we went to sell it added alot of money to our sell price.Oh by the way subzero sent me all replacement books on my model for free.I could have bought new racks & bins for the fridge but I never got around to it as it had all the original ones they just werent new looking.