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June 30th, 2006 at 09:54 pm

In alot of cities if you can call the newspaper (printing area) ask if they sell end roll newspaper.They change the rolls when they still have alot of paper on them( I guess they dont like to run out)They sell these by the pound,last time I paid like 10 cent a pound.These are great for picnic talbles ,crafts,under highchairs, banners etc... Even when I lived in a town that didnt sell them they told me to come by & they would give me a couple.

a mixer & a fridge

June 30th, 2006 at 09:49 pm

One of my best deals was a brand new
kitchenaid mixer with accessories. For guess how much? 65.00. Yep I swear they clearanced it at walmart & had lost the box it was the display model.
My probably all time best deal was on a subzero fridge. We were at a small country auction.I saw thw fridge it had ugly eighty style wood cabinet doors that looked like pyramids with the points of the pyramids sticking up.But I knew what it was.I told hubby get me that fridge,He went on about how we didnt need a fridge.But I stood my ground.WE got the fride for 150.00 .
because no one else bid on it.We put it up 6 months later we remodeled a kitchen
& we had the cabinet maker tear off the old cabinets & replace them with ones to match our cabinets. That cost 200.00
It was beautiful, I kid you not.An when we went to sell it added alot of money to our sell price.Oh by the way subzero sent me all replacement books on my model for free.I could have bought new racks & bins for the fridge but I never got around to it as it had all the original ones they just werent new looking.

Back home

June 30th, 2006 at 09:35 pm

Well we made it home tonight.
My hubby loves getaways.
He went on alot of weekends & vacations
when he was growing up.
My family never went on vacations & we were all very happy.
One thing I dont like about going especially last minute is it always cost.
I think you can do anything & have a wonderful time if its planned.
A huge birthday party, a shower, a wedding and a vacation. But to not spend the money it must be planned!
We spent 70.00 on gas
28.00 eating out (UGH!)
90.00 groceries- hubby did the shopping
We brought back a bout 10.00 worth of food.
I saw a good friend of mine she came up to the cabin so her daughter could see my kids.
I love her to death, but her thinking is so off.She bought me a birthday cake
because she realized she forgot my birthday.She bought 4 new floats,
2 noodles, a folding chair,abeach ball,
a dozen donuts, abox of tin foil, and a new box of tylenol.
Now I know I seem ungrateful.I really do appreciate her bringing me the cake.
But she always does this.She has one daughter.Does she really always have to buy everything to have a good time?
Oh yes she missed all 3 of my kids b'day so she bought them all presents wrapped
etc..An she bought us all cards.
Her & her husband have been having some financial problems (havent we all?)
There overrun with credit card debit.
But she keeps on.Know way did she spend less then a hundred dollars,and why?
Friendship cant be bought.I just dont get it.Why does she feel the need to overdue everthing.Oh she bought the tylenol because I mentioned I had a headache on the phone.Couldnt she just wrap me up a few from her home?
Im really not trying to be judgemental.
Her husband has been applying for credit cards in her name & signing them.
She wanted to borrow against the equity in her home to pay off the bills.I advised her against it uless she was sure all the credit cards were cut up and he wouldnt get any more.
Well we are renting our cabin out for July.They have strict rules & it can only be rented to someone whos a member of the club.I think this will be the only time we rent it.We are getting
400.00 for the month.But if the person who rents it is not frugal with the a/c
our electric bill could be higher then that. We will see.
Hubby got some business taken care of which is why we went.
Hubby is not as frugal as me sorry to say but he has a midas touch when it comes to making money.
I cant tell you how many times hes asked somebody what there going to do with something & they say throw it away and he will ask if he can have it.Then he will turn around & sell it for a good amount.Hes really good at bartering .
Which is a most useful tool.
I am trying to understand the twenty dollar challenge but it seems it will end soon .will there be another challenge?

tonights plan changed

June 27th, 2006 at 09:08 pm

Hubby was to tired to go tonight.Which is good.Because I get to play with my blog thingy! I also get to make sandwiches for tommrow & we didnt eat out so hurray!Im making brownies to wrap up too.My kids look innocent enough but they are bottomless pits.
Im leaving cooked hamburgers,hotdogs&
tuna fish,& barbecue for my big boy.
We will be gone 3 days.
I hope he doesnt starve till I get back.If he has to go to McD's I hope he
will use the 1.00 menu.
Going back to the bottomless pits did you know a principal once told me thats one of the reasons she was in favor of year around schooling is some kids dont get a decent meal in the summer?She said she would see them come back to school
skin & bones.The public schools already offer breakfast, lunch & snack.Some schools have after school care so they probably offer an afternoon snack too.
The voice teacher told me today that both my girls will have solo's for the JULY 4 performance at the park.
Which is one reason I had my girls join this dance place because they really do let there kids perform.Theres no work all year have one recital stuff.
Im sure all of you know this snack but its one of my favorites for the kids
I got it from Tracy Mcbrides newsletter
Shes like the Martha Stewart of thrift.
Take a cheap can of biscuits use the cap of a 2-liter to cut out middle & deep fry
in a pan or whatever you have.Top with a glaze of milk & confection sugar (thats our favorite) of course you can use sprinkles ,chocolate etc..

The tramp

June 27th, 2006 at 08:45 pm

This woman was in her late forties her knick name was tramp.
She dressed like she had no good clothes.
We became friends when she visited
the thrift store I worked at.She taught me how to spot carnival glass & anything
else valuable.She made her living at flea markets.She drove an old van.She let me come to her house one time it was cluttered with stacks of magazines on antiques.the house was in a nice neighborhood& she told me it was paid for. She had no kids or husband , just a sister & niece.One of her best friends was a woman who owned a few grocery stores down south. Her friend was rich,if I said the store you would recognise it.She instructed her stores to leave bad produce & bad diary in abox beside the dumpster so her friend could go by & get it.Both of the ladies have since passed but I was grateful for the knowledge I was given.

some of my favorite sites

June 27th, 2006 at 08:30 pm


Boring day

June 27th, 2006 at 03:18 pm

Hi everyone wanted to say thanks for the birthday wishes.It warmed my heart.
Today was myday to be on the road. the kids have dance.
When we moved here I signed them up for dance. We never really felt like we could aford it before.
Not long after we joined the owner sent out an email looking for investors.
To make along story short we ended up investing 1500.00.This gives my kids life long lessons.It includes most of there dues for competition & most costumes.
So on tuesdays my kids take lessons from 11:00am starting with private voice.
they get a break at 1:30
then at 2:30 dance starts it goes until 4:30 then at 5:30 they have hiphop.
An today my son started soccer.
Soccer camp was free of charge,but I did have to buy cleats,ball, & shin guard
total 22.00
Im packing now my husband wants to go out of town, back home for a few days.
We have a small cabin we go to. He is able to take off because he works so many weekends.He will probably want to stop & eat out. Nothing I can do about that but we will grill the rest of the time we are there.
The place were our cabin is has a caretaker (other cabins all around)
An he always puts up for me the water toys that are unclaimed.So I never have to buy those expensive floats.
Why does he save them for me? Because he likes me? Nope its because im the only one whos ever asked.We are such a disposable society.Makes me sick.
Im hoping to have a chance to go to walgreens they have there revlon implements 40% off & there are 2.00 coupon out there.There may even be one in there easy saver book.so many items will be free.great for a beauty basket.
the nail files are .89 and the clippers are 1.29 ( I Think)I also would like to go to consignment stores there are none were we are now.Believe it or NOT.
Im going to work on my grocery list & menu for next week.Ive got to plan better.
Anybody have any great cheap recipes that there family eats pretty often?
I really wanted tested recipes.
One of my favorite snacks for the kids is Payday cookies, one cup sugar, 1/2 cup peanutbutter and one egg.
Hey its simple.
Simple is good

First entry

June 26th, 2006 at 10:08 pm

I have been reading evryones blog for a few weeks now and I have to admit I found the idea of a personal blog fascinating.At this point Im not sure why but maybe with this blog I will find out.I chose tonight to start because Im feeling alittle down.Today was my birthday & nobody remebered. Ok Im not trying to have a pity party or anything.
My hubby has all his family.My mother & father are passed & I guess I feel like he should put more effort into this kind of thing.Oh Im not missing any presents to be honest Ive never really believed in that much.It seems you can always find things to admire about every race,religion & nationality.For instance Thats one thing I admire about a certain
religion(dare I say the name?) they dont recognize holidays etc..An most holidays are just an attempt to sell stuff.
I found
a kindred spirit today although I have yet to meet her.I was turning in to my neighborhood & there is a hotel.The corner room has a little fence around it.
The yard is teeny tiny.It was starting to rain & I saw a women run out and get her clothes hanging on the fence , thats when I realized the weeds in her yard was a garden.Go Girl!
I recently moved to a different state & my grocery bill has almost tripled & I cant find the leak.Its driving me insane.
I was unable to bring my pantry with me so we widdled it down to nothing before we moved.
I have always been frugal or cheap.
My dad was born in 1919 so my dad & mom saw some hard times & grew up really poor.I had a wonderful child hood they taught me great things. One of those things is that money will not make you
happy.An that is a very true statement.