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laundry lady

February 18th, 2007 at 08:13 pm

So when ever we go back home we have a cabin we stay at. We dont have a washer dryer there so I take all our clothes to the laundry.I go to this one on a MAJOR road. It in between a Wachovia bank & a car dealership.The lady there owns the propery.Way In the back is a real nice garage.The laundrylady owns the property, the building etc.So I ask her why dont she sell & retire & she says then what would I do? Good point. Most of her machines no longer work & she has to hit them at certain places to get them to come on. Anyway I noticed everytime I go she has clothes dirty & clean out the whazo.She does laundry for people who dont want to do ther own. She charges .80 cents a pound.There are very few places that have this service & most charge 1.00-1.25 a pound. So were talking & I ask her whats the least amount of clothes you clean in aweek? She says the slowest week would be 1,000 pounds! 1,000 Pounds. Great goobly goo!
So shes pulling down at least 800.00 dollars aweek!can you believe it. Great business.By the way she said put a small amount of amonia in your wash & it wont fade your clothes but it will help get out stains.

The tramp

June 27th, 2006 at 08:45 pm

This woman was in her late forties her knick name was tramp.
She dressed like she had no good clothes.
We became friends when she visited
the thrift store I worked at.She taught me how to spot carnival glass & anything
else valuable.She made her living at flea markets.She drove an old van.She let me come to her house one time it was cluttered with stacks of magazines on antiques.the house was in a nice neighborhood& she told me it was paid for. She had no kids or husband , just a sister & niece.One of her best friends was a woman who owned a few grocery stores down south. Her friend was rich,if I said the store you would recognise it.She instructed her stores to leave bad produce & bad diary in abox beside the dumpster so her friend could go by & get it.Both of the ladies have since passed but I was grateful for the knowledge I was given.