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more wrecked cars

July 9th, 2006 at 02:13 pm

Well I went with hubby to look at some
wrecked cars-- thats his hobby.He's really good at it- sometimes he makes
in ayear about half what he makes at his full time job.He loves it But My problem is no matter how much you can make at what point do you realize that you need to have time for family etc.. He tries really hard to spend time with everyone but at the end of the day he only has 24 hours too.
Ok so he goes to see some automobliles & the one he went for is to time consuming so he ends up buying 3 others.So hes in the office making arrangements for delivery & then I saw a car my self.I have heard of the but never really looked at them. A chevy
equinox I hope I spelled that right.
It had leather seats & is not badly wrecked & it only had 700 miles.
So I go in to find out how much it is
& they wanted 5200. so I ask hubby to look at it (which I never do) & so we end up buying that one too.
So Im adding fuel to the fire.Then hubby bought a 2006 van online for 5,000
with leather seats & wood grain look dashboard.So he was really happy because he didnt expect to win the bid.
So now we have less money & more work.