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fixing up rental

February 18th, 2007 at 07:55 pm

So we went to fix up our rental.New paint, new carpet every 2-3 years.I picked out all white for the bedrooms & hall. An a neutral sagey green for the den . The kitchen & dr or wallpapered.
I have one bathroom that has ugly white with beige splashes on it.I wanted so bad to try the tile paint I saw them use on hgtv. but it takes 4 days to dry & I didnt have the time.We cleaned out all the windows & sills cleaned all the kitchen cabinets & built ins.We are paying someone to patch the drywall & paint. Its costing a thousand dollars.But hes painting 7 rooms, 1 hall & all trim & moulding.Also painting all doors.So I consider it a good deal.
The renters left a mess in the yard.Which my husband called & left them a ugly message--- so they came & cleaned up most of it. They left a boat on a trailer.Asmaller trailer full of junk. A meduim size empty trailer. a out of commisson air compressor. A old dryer, a old toilet, a head board, set of box springs & mattress, a computer desk. A trampoline, & lots of other weird things.
We took the kids fishing (teaching frugal skills)my youngest 6 caught ahuge fish, he was so happy.The kids worked really hard helping clean.They are getting good at measuring spaces.I also taught the girls how the cost is different in the state we were in because the taxes are higher were we live.

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