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what a sad secret

July 18th, 2006 at 11:07 pm

I was laying down with DD2 tonight &she said she had something to tell me but I had to promisenot to tell.It was a secret her best friend from back home had told her.The little girl said I know you'll never tell anyone.Well I wouldnt promise because I was worried it might be a dangerous secret.But I told her I would try my level best not to tell.Then she said, Christina told me that her mommy & daddy are fighting alot because they bought alot of expensive things & now they cant pay for them.Her mother found someone to pay the bills & her daddy is really mad.Christina says it was probably because of the Very expensive lamp her mommy bought.
It broke my heart.I mentioned her mother previously, she always comes bearing gifts & it makes me uncomfortable because she overdose it.I had talked to her mother a few days ago, she had found someone to refinance the house & pay off the credit cards.I advised her against it because her hubby was still filing out credit card applications in her name.
An since not all the cards were tore up I was concerned they would pay them off & run them up again.She told her husband that she had applied for a refinance & someone was coming out for an appraisal.He refuses to sign the refinance papers.My friend is trying to cancel the appraiser but he says only the mortgage company can cancel his appt.
When he comes they will debit my friends account 300.00 She told me if he didnt sign she was filing for divorce.
How sad. You know money problems are seldom about money are they?She buys people things & her child must have the best stuff. Her husband trys to save his siblings by giving them money that never gets paid back.Of course his siblings have much nicer homes& cars then he does.So sad & there poor little girl thinks its about an expensive lamp.

5 Responses to “what a sad secret”

  1. Carolina Bound Says:

    That makes me sad. Yes, spending like that is a compulsion that probably comes from very deep feelings of inadequacy. It seems impossible to help people like that. So sad.

  2. mjrube94 Says:

    I think the sadder part is that these two young girls are bearing the burden of these adults' mistakes! How tragic that, even if the parents are struggling, they discuss/yell in earshot of the girl, and that the girl senses it's such a big deal that she's talking about it with her little friend. These girls should be playing tag or talking about Spongebob!

  3. Princessperky Says:

    poor little girls Frown

  4. Lady Jennelle Says:

    That is sad. Frown

  5. beans6 Says:

    Update on my friend, they refinanced there house but waited till they were behind in payments so they got a higher interest rate.They owed 109,000. on there house it appraised for 189,000. So they took the eighty thousand and paid off credit card bills.My friend went to work full time & is in realestate school.they are planning on divorcing as soon as they can afford it.Why is life so hard?

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