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Open houses

July 16th, 2006 at 09:51 pm

I love going to open houses.But Im really tired of being in this small space.I always get great & cheap decorating ideas from open houses.
Last week someone had taken old flooring
and put it on the ceiling of there porch.
Another house the person had afixed bamboo blinds (are simmilar material) aound the porch, top & bottom. Except for the porch door.It made it feel like another room but it was still a porch.They had put regular furniture on it & made a tikki bar.It was real cute.
Last night I stayed up & made a list of house that have been on the market for at least a year. The list was 5 pages with 4-5 houses on apage. Im going to see alot of them & keep an eye to see if theres any price drops.I really feel for the people trying to sell now.But Ive been there to.It doesnt have anything to do with is the house worth it.It has to do with the market & location.
When I first moved here a realtor showed me a house & just from looking at the book I thought it was over priced.Well I let them know I thought it was over priced.Oh no they said & stated comps.
Well guess what a year later the price is dropped 50 thousand & its still not selling.I dont like people to treat me like Im stupid.These realtors here are nuts (sorry I mean all realtors except the ones reading this).That house thats still on the market in all that time they havent had one open house.Doesnt it ever occur to sellers to negotiate contracts? Like I want 3 open houses within this amount of time? If it doesnt sell within the first month I want a picture in the realestate section?
Anyway Im going to schedule to see some of the house soI can be ready if the price goes down.Some I need to ride past to view the area.
Another idea when buying a house always ride past the house at a different time from viewing the inside. The next day, a week before is good.The day of or day before really good.I road past a property I was going to view that evening
The neighbors across the street were terrible, beer cans , clothes everywhere.
Yuck! Yuck! Well that evening everything was cleaned up.So as were leaving I ask if the seller is related to the people across the street & she says yes there cousins.So I guess he got the cousins to clean up for our showing.Anybody have any advice for me on house hunting etc..?

1 Responses to “Open houses”

  1. MoneyHoney Says:

    Keep doing what you're doing is my only advice. I'm currently renting and am anxious to move into a home which I can truly call my own. Like you, I'm looking forward to a little more space!

    However, real estate prices have been so out of sight that I've decided to wait it out until prices drop. And I believe they will. In the meantime, at least I'm not saddled with a terrible mortgage I can't afford.

    If you're not familiar with Zillow.com., you may want to give them a look. The web site, which is free, provides users with real estate info about specific addresses. Zillow also provides a "Zestimate" which is different than the comps real estate agents use. I've found this really helpful.

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