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fun with the kids

July 12th, 2006 at 11:01 pm

Today we went to the library which we do every Wednesday because of there summer
reading program. You keep a log & read at least 15 books.Every Wednesday they have a speaker to day was The fable friends they taught fables & rhymes.
I checked out books for the kids & read the paper.I bought two neighbor kids with us but they live on the same street so it didnt cost extra gas.I took sandwiches & we ate at the park but it was kind of warm.When my kids are withe the neighbor they always buy pizza or take them to mcdonalds.She is a single parent so I dont know how she does it.
It makes it awkward because I feel like I should send money with my kids but I wouldnt take my kids to mc'ds that often.
When we go its a treat not a everyday thing.
Tonight the kids went to Vacation Bible School.Its been really nice to have a break every evening.The kids have had a really nice time, the church went to alot of trouble I think I will visit
the church Sunday. We havent joined a church here yet, we try to visit a different one each Sunday.
I dont know where to start with my challenge.Because we saved money by picnicing but I would have done that anyway.It seems maybe you should only
count money that you saved by doing things you normally wouldnt do.

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