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lucky me

July 9th, 2006 at 05:08 pm

While hubby & I were out of town
we decided to go to garage sales.
My sis goes every weekend.It amazing to me the difference in area & sales, just like realestate.Boy did we rack up!
I got:
8 pairs of shorts for the girls .50 ea
10 shirts for girls .50 ea
5 pair of shorts for me 1.00 ea
3 shirts for me 1.00 ea
3 shirts for ds 2 .50 ea
2 pair jeans ds1 1.00 ea
battery charger .50
aquarium .50
2 giant floor puzzels .50 ea
quesida maker 1.50
I wanted to get one for my daughter for christmas but wouldnt pay the 19.99
I was surprised that they didnt clearance them after christmas.
a music machine for karaoke --5.00
(which the kids really needed for voice)
a hose reel in abox -- 5.00
Imaginext castle--- 3.00
4 complete halloween costumes .25 each
scooby doo suitcase .50
3 nice tennis rackets for free
floral arrangement .50
lillian vernon popcorn bowl .50
life jacket 5.00
A lamp,picture frame& doorstop
nautical for the cabin 2.00 total
4 movies in clamshell cases for .50
a computer 2 years old for 20.00
The deals were unreal

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