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June 30th, 2006 at 09:35 pm

Well we made it home tonight.
My hubby loves getaways.
He went on alot of weekends & vacations
when he was growing up.
My family never went on vacations & we were all very happy.
One thing I dont like about going especially last minute is it always cost.
I think you can do anything & have a wonderful time if its planned.
A huge birthday party, a shower, a wedding and a vacation. But to not spend the money it must be planned!
We spent 70.00 on gas
28.00 eating out (UGH!)
90.00 groceries- hubby did the shopping
We brought back a bout 10.00 worth of food.
I saw a good friend of mine she came up to the cabin so her daughter could see my kids.
I love her to death, but her thinking is so off.She bought me a birthday cake
because she realized she forgot my birthday.She bought 4 new floats,
2 noodles, a folding chair,abeach ball,
a dozen donuts, abox of tin foil, and a new box of tylenol.
Now I know I seem ungrateful.I really do appreciate her bringing me the cake.
But she always does this.She has one daughter.Does she really always have to buy everything to have a good time?
Oh yes she missed all 3 of my kids b'day so she bought them all presents wrapped
etc..An she bought us all cards.
Her & her husband have been having some financial problems (havent we all?)
There overrun with credit card debit.
But she keeps on.Know way did she spend less then a hundred dollars,and why?
Friendship cant be bought.I just dont get it.Why does she feel the need to overdue everthing.Oh she bought the tylenol because I mentioned I had a headache on the phone.Couldnt she just wrap me up a few from her home?
Im really not trying to be judgemental.
Her husband has been applying for credit cards in her name & signing them.
She wanted to borrow against the equity in her home to pay off the bills.I advised her against it uless she was sure all the credit cards were cut up and he wouldnt get any more.
Well we are renting our cabin out for July.They have strict rules & it can only be rented to someone whos a member of the club.I think this will be the only time we rent it.We are getting
400.00 for the month.But if the person who rents it is not frugal with the a/c
our electric bill could be higher then that. We will see.
Hubby got some business taken care of which is why we went.
Hubby is not as frugal as me sorry to say but he has a midas touch when it comes to making money.
I cant tell you how many times hes asked somebody what there going to do with something & they say throw it away and he will ask if he can have it.Then he will turn around & sell it for a good amount.Hes really good at bartering .
Which is a most useful tool.
I am trying to understand the twenty dollar challenge but it seems it will end soon .will there be another challenge?

1 Responses to “Back home”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    The $20 challenge is on for the whole year and you can start it at anytime, including today. You start with $20 and see how much you can save. Everytime I buy something on sale, or with a coupon, I add the savings to my challenge money. some sell things on e bay. Some pay themselves for doing things, like exercising, eating at home, etc. I save all my coins and turn them in every few months. Just any ways extra you can make money and save it! It will probably start over the first of the year.

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