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tonights plan changed

June 27th, 2006 at 09:08 pm

Hubby was to tired to go tonight.Which is good.Because I get to play with my blog thingy! I also get to make sandwiches for tommrow & we didnt eat out so hurray!Im making brownies to wrap up too.My kids look innocent enough but they are bottomless pits.
Im leaving cooked hamburgers,hotdogs&
tuna fish,& barbecue for my big boy.
We will be gone 3 days.
I hope he doesnt starve till I get back.If he has to go to McD's I hope he
will use the 1.00 menu.
Going back to the bottomless pits did you know a principal once told me thats one of the reasons she was in favor of year around schooling is some kids dont get a decent meal in the summer?She said she would see them come back to school
skin & bones.The public schools already offer breakfast, lunch & snack.Some schools have after school care so they probably offer an afternoon snack too.
The voice teacher told me today that both my girls will have solo's for the JULY 4 performance at the park.
Which is one reason I had my girls join this dance place because they really do let there kids perform.Theres no work all year have one recital stuff.
Im sure all of you know this snack but its one of my favorites for the kids
I got it from Tracy Mcbrides newsletter
Shes like the Martha Stewart of thrift.
Take a cheap can of biscuits use the cap of a 2-liter to cut out middle & deep fry
in a pan or whatever you have.Top with a glaze of milk & confection sugar (thats our favorite) of course you can use sprinkles ,chocolate etc..

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