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Empty Pantry???

July 21st, 2006 at 11:17 pm

I joined for a while a groupon yahoo .It was sort of a callenge to see how long you can live off whats in your pantry.
I really joined to get an idea of what a good pantry might include. I get more excited about building a pantry.A wellstocked pantry can see you through some rough times.I remeber when I was 1st married & we went to the grocery store, by the time we got through buying mustard & ketchup -- misc condiments we had no money for meat.As I stated before we have not lived in the state we are in very long & I used down all my stockpile before we moved.I am now slowly rebuilding my pantry.Years ago there was a book called "The only Investment Guide You'll Ever Need" I think Andrew Tobias wrote it. One of the things it brought up was buying items in bulk & on sale therefore beating the price the item is now & buying in bulk to beat inflation.
True you cant do that with everything but it makes sense.
I stock up on cleaner when its free or when its just tax.But really doesnt count because you cant eat it & a gallon jug of vineagar & water will clean alot.
So Im working on buying 2-3 items a week out of my weekly grocery budget to spend on pantry items.This does not include free items that I get with coupons.I always stock up as much as possible on those items.Anybody want to share there top pantry items? One of mine is peanut butter --it is hard to get for less then 1.00 here.

3 Responses to “Empty Pantry???”

  1. Dido Says:

    I'm doing a similar sort of pantry challenge. Some of the things I'm stocked up on so far:

    paper goods--I usually buy at least 6 months' supply when on sale
    dog biscuits--ditto
    canned goods--I get a lot of canned veggies at Aldi's since it's usually cheaper there than on sale at the grocery
    cereal--I almost always buy generic, either at Aldi's or with coupons at the regular grocery store. I'm not a big coupon user but this is one area where I try to remember to use them.

    I just last month plugged in my big freezer and am starting to do the same with frozen goods, too, including buying "club packs" of meat on sale, separating it into recipe-sized (3-cup) and single-serving portions.

  2. beans6 Says:

    We are getting an Aldi's here do you know do they double coupons? Is there meat cheap? Also are they good to work for? My son is looking for a job.Thanks for any info.

  3. Over My Head Says:

    Thanks for the info. My sister has been a nurse for the past two years. She has enlightened me of the NA duties. The reason that I want to do this is to gain knowledge as I am working. I have worked many an office job and after the last I will never do it again. It is depressing, boring, and no fliexibilty. I would like to work in the hospital in the evening like 7:00 pm to 7:00 am and sleep while my girls are in school. I would like to do three day 12 hour shifts. I am calling around to the schools tomorrow. As for nursing school they offer that here at a local hospital however I have many college credits torward an AS degree in Nursing and they do not transfer to this school so all the classes I have taken so far would be a waste. Thanks again.

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