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Do I owe rent ? What do you think?

January 4th, 2007 at 09:22 pm

Ok so we were renting a house & the landlord want fix the plumbing --it backs up. Needs major work---- handy man agrees.Landlord does nothing.So we have no choice but to move.Not very much here to move to but we finally find something.
We'll the landlord says--I was hoping you would buy the place & we said we would if we could agree on price & they owner financed it.They said they would for 10,000. down.Now we already told her we would be out Dec 1st. in writing which we were but and heres the tricky part-- None of us could close till Jan 1st.So we said we would buy the house under those terms.
If we could close in January & our payments start in Feb. So that was the
verbal agreement.Well we told them we wanted to get some prices from plumbers etc.. & since we were buying we kept the keys --They never asked for them back.
They call today & say they changed there minds ,They are going to move & need the money so they are going to sell the house outright.An they want Dec.& Jan. rent?! Now I did store items under the the carport & utilities have still been in my name. But from the amounts you can tell no one has lived there.Hubby says she backed outof the agreement so shes not entitled to any money because if we had gone through with everything she wouldnt have gotten rent for those months.An its true if we knew she was going to charge us we wouldnt have stored the items under the carport.We have lived in this place since before Dec 1st.The house was an excellent buy we could have kept it 4 or 5 years & made 50 or 60 thousand. But we would have had to redo the bathrooms to keep it rented.I cant believe they are going to try & sell it.This market is terrible & it will not sell. An one of them is in the realty business so they should no this.By the way they have no rental contract.They were suppose to pick it up a year ago & never did, go figure!

3 Responses to “Do I owe rent ? What do you think?”

  1. PRICEPLUS Says:

    Is there a lease? If your landlord has nothing in writing and you can show you have not been living there I think you probably do not have to pay rent! Just my opinion as I am not an attorney nor do I play one on TV!WinkSmile

  2. LuckyRobin Says:

    I don't think you do. You might offer a storage fee for what was stored of $75 to $100 a month, but since they broke the agreement and you can prove you weren't living there and there was no lease, that they are out of luck.

  3. beans6 Says:

    They have no copy of the lease & we were renting month to month & they needed a 30 day notice which we gave but they dont even have a copy of that.Hubby says they backed out so its there loss.But even if we had turned over the keyDec 1st.They wouldnt have had time to get the bathrooms fixed & rerented. t takes them 2 weeks to call you back about anything.The market is so slow here.I have a friend who listed her house in Oct & it hasnt been shown once.Unbelievable.Thanks for the advice guys.

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